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To live is to create and express. I express through lines and lines are everywhere. Lines are in numbers, in words, our outfits, the plants and our bodies. A line is anything but simple, the simpler the line the more complex and use of your imagination. That’s what I’m creating with my lines, I’m creating a thought process of who ,what ,why, where and how. In a world of instant gratification and visual stimulation it’s nice to just sit and let your mind wonder. 

We all start out scribbling on the walls, paint on our hands with our art on the fridge. So I started just like everyone else. I started pursuing it as a career just to escape this new world and draw myself into another. It’s that feeling of ready a book that takes you into a different time and place, you can only do it through your own imagination. 

Life and nature inspires me so I was easily drawn to using charcoal as my tool and bodies as my muse. But in saying this I can’t deny the year and I can’t deny progress so I also use a stylus. Moderation. 

The process is quick, I dream, I read and I listen to music to feel vibes. I sketch what I think works but when it comes to the final pieces its one chance. That’s why I like charcoal you get one chance. If I make a mistake it's ok or think I should have done it like this, I’ll sleep on it and then realize its not a mistake it was original and honest.

-Nikki Cruz

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