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Artist Beka Nicole on her vessels of expression & the heavenly ambiance of her art

I’m a strip club door girl who paints heartache and beautiful faces. My parents were missionaries so I grew up traveling a lot and around a lot of spirituality and humanitarianism so I think that my art was molded a lot by both my traveling and moving a lot so young, people I’ve seen and met and having a mindset constantly thinking about relationships, beliefs, eternity and the afterlife. My art has shifted continually with my ever changing philosophical and spiritual views as well as my personal experiences with people, with love and loss. I’ve always been drawn to romance and polarity since they’re central themes in my life.  I like the themes of worldly sorrow in heavenly ambiance. Or ugly feelings with beautiful expression. Women are mostly my vessels for my expression. The girls you see are just the personification of my emotions and real life experiences so they’re me just in a glamorized and different form. I’m leaning more toward painting both men and women now but still love the Venusian form best. Shifting away from the style that got my work most known online which is comic book/pop art style and back to my romanticism/expression. I just felt that the comic style was too stylized for my emotional expression and didn’t really get the rawness of what I felt out the best. I go mostly from imagination, using photos sometimes for pose reference. My themes shifted more toward mythology, witchcraft and dreams since i found my solace and power in those things. I’m also trying to incorporate more cinematic and intimate pieces like I’ve done before.  I don’t do one note in my art I like mixing up my work its always ebbing and flowing just like my emotions and perspective on others as well as myself so my work will probably never really be predictable, I just love to make the ugly things pretty and sharing my world with others.

-Beka Nicole