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The truth is, the concept of "owning art" sounds quite out of reach to most I am sure. Isn't the act of being an owner and collector of fine art something you imagine only fitting for a wealthy, upscale older individual front row at an auction? I guess that's always been a popular take on it, and it never seemed it could apply to a person like me living in a one bedroom apartment at age 23. Okay, so the price tag may be slightly more reasonable in the way I am owning and collecting this art. The value to me, though, still expensive. Magnum Photos, an international photography agency representing some of the greatest photographers world wide, is owned and ran by the photographers themselves, with staff only as supporting members. These photographers are incredible artists and photojournalists, capturing everything from celebrities, war, sex, family, drug culture, you name it. So, you may be surprised when I tell you that you can easily own a piece of photo history, signed by the artist and estate stamped for $100 ( a bit more if you choose to get it framed through Magnum themselves). The $100 dollar print sale is annual and not always active, but there is always prints for sale on the Magnum Photo shop ranging from $300 dollars for contact sheets, to a pricier $12,000. For me, It's been an incredible start to collecting art as i'd one day love to say I do. Who doesn't want framed art in their home? I've purchased four Magnum prints from the sales so far over the course of 3 years, two of them framed by Magnum. I am lucky enough to have two prints signed from one of my favorite photographers, Alex Webb, along with a stunning piece by Constantine Manos, and one by Gueorgui Pinkhassov.

Art can be expensive. "Real", fine art- even more. The concept of "real" art can be so insanely subjective, and to me, all of it is "real" if it's art to begin with, regardless of the price tag. Art is what you make of it. These particular Magnum photographers are special though, and through their lens are creating and documenting history. I feel so lucky that for a fair price-tag, I have fine art, right in my living room. So, for $100 dollars or a little more, you can start being an official art collector too.

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