I can talk all about creams, potions and lotions all I want, and so can anyone, but the truth is that aging DOES exists and will occur-no matter how amazing your product collection and wellness routine is. Those things help greatly of course, but what if there was a way to truly prevent and reverse that unfortunate loss of collagen, elastin, and the arrival of those fine lines?

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I’ve always loved the “no makeup-makeup” look, but i’ve always secretly used pretty full coverage foundation and shiny highlighter to achieve that. Now, though, I’ve found a way to take that look to a new level. A realer, more truly glowing level.


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In the world of beauty and skincare, It's important to be honest about how things look on people in the real world. The beauty industry and the products us consumers can buy shouldn't sell results that are only a fantasy, it should be selling a real thing we can strive for and actually achieve.

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"...When, in her lazy listlessness,  she sometimes sheds a furtive tear upon this globe, 
A pious poet, enemy of sleep,  In the hollow of his hand catches this pale tear, w
ith the iridescent reflections of opal, 
And hides it in his heart afar from the sun's eyes."

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As any of my readers and followers may know, I have quite the beauty product obsession. I'm always on the hunt for what's new, innovative, a cult classic, you name it. For some girls it's shoes, for me it's always been beauty. Now, past couple months I've encountered a selection of products that are my new front runners.

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What do you do to start your morning? If the first thing you thought was "a couple shots of espresso", you're on to something necessary of course but lets talk about something new to try, yeah? I'll start by saying this particular new thing is by the incredible skincare line Sunday Riley and it's already my new favorite of theirs hands down...

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For my recent diary feature, Shades of Cool, I worked with makeup artist Elizabeth Windust once again to create my fantasy beauty look paired with some 90's inspired silhouettes from Cos SS18. Here, I tell you what was used so you can steal this very look too. 

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