When it comes to a daily beauty look, as i've said before, I like to keep it simple and standard. If you were to ask me, I'd have to say there is not a makeup look more natural, sexy, and universally flattering, than a sun-kissed complexion. I used to wear quite a lot of makeup in my teen years, but in my twenties i've wanted to simplify the daily makeup overload and put more focus on skincare. That being said, I still love to have my staple makeup products for day to day wear, and If I'm putting anything on at all, it's always a hint of warm color on my cheeks. In just an instant, a touch of the right bronzer can wake up your entire complexion, and recently I fell madly in love with MAKE beauty's Terrazzo bronzer palate for that reason. I start with the moonlight primer,  then I swoop a nice amount of the palate on my cheeks, and bring it up to my eyelids while blending for an all-over consistent glow. No need for mascara if you want to keep it natural, but in place of a super shimmery highlight, apply a generous amount of MAKE's marine salve on all the spots the light hits you for a hydrated shine, which pairs well with the mattified appearance of the bronzer, to give your whole look some definition. If your lips feel like they need some love, mix a dab of the bronze power or MAKE's Dew pot bronze with the marine salve for a perfectly matching lip shade, and you're all set.

Photos by Jonathan Bar

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