Bon cheveux

I've never felt confident in my ability to style and "do" my hair. Makeup I've always felt relatively comfortable with, as I've been experimenting with It since middle school. But for me, hair products and tools were never a thing I thought was for me, and just always figured I was the girl who let her hair air dry and that was that, for better or for worse. For the first time, I came across a line of hair products that I wasn't intimidated by, and suddenly I felt like I had the power over my mane. Ouai Haircare, my truest hair-care love, doesn't make you feel like hair maintenance is impossible. It does the work for you, in a way, so if you're in a rush and don't feel like/ know how to whip out the styling tools, you're still in good hands.

 Bon cheveux= GOOD HAIR.

Filmed by Jonathan Bar at Palace Of Versailles, Paris.

Featuring Ouai haircare smooth spray, hair oil, and memory mist.