What do you do to start your morning? If the first thing you thought was "a couple shots of espresso", you're on to something necessary of course but lets talk about something new to try, yeah? I'll start by saying this particular new thing is by the incredible skincare line Sunday Riley and it's already my new favorite of theirs hands down- let me introduce you to Auto Correct brightening and de-puffing eye contour cream. It's similar to what a nice caffeine jolt will do in the early morning but for your face (*caffeine still included, keep reading). I've always believed the youthful, energized, and healthy glow of skin starts around the eyes and unfortunately I've always been very prone to dark circle problems and the sleepiest, puffy eye bags. So, you can probably imagine how many tricks and products, and even supplements i've tried to combat this situation.  I'm pleased to say Sunday Riley Auto Correct has done exactly what it says- automatically corrects, brightens, de puffs, hydrates- so within just a minute my face goes from half asleep to awake and glowing; no under eye concealer and 3 layers of highlighter needed, I assure you. It's formulated with NO sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and instead filled to the brim with hard working ingredients like Caffeine (*told you!),  Brazilian ginseng root, lutein, shea butter and much more goodness. At my age it's also important for me to also go to preventative measures when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, and this eye cream takes care of that too for me. Pro tip if you want to take it to new levels: leave the auto correct cream in the fridge overnight prior to applying each day...you'll thank me later.

Get Auto Correct eye cream by Sunday Riley here

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Video edited by August Hausman