Here’s the thing- I can talk all about creams, potions and lotions all I want, and so can anyone, but the truth is that aging DOES exists and will occur-no matter how amazing your product collection and wellness routine is. Those things help greatly of course, but what if there was a way to truly prevent and reverse that unfortunate loss of collagen, elastin, and the arrival of those fine lines? Not only that, but to make your skin glowing, firm, and contoured (and not because of whatever makeup tricks you learned that week.) Oh- and you don’t have to spend thousands at a med spa while were at it.

I’m here to tell you guys about the answer to what we’re all really looking for, and that’s the NEWA device. At 25, I’ve started to become aware of the anti-aging world of products and tricks. Because we all want to stay 25, Im trying to strike while the iron is hot and maintain my skin, while continuing to stimulate collagen growth. I think there is no better time to start then before you may feel you really need to. However, the past couple years I will admit i’ve noticed my very first small patch of fine lines and i’ve always struggled with a bit of a lack of collagen around my eye area.

The way the NEWA works is straightforward: Using EndyMed ‘s 3DEEP technology, the NEWA uses radiofrequency energy to reach the deep collagen-rich dermis layer of the skin. This technology stimulates the growth of collagen, and over time can almost fully reverse those signs of collagen loss. Lucky for us at home, the technology in NEWA has been introduced over the counter to the U.S. market, and approved by the FDA.

I’ve been using the NEWA for a few weeks now, and I swear my skin has changed already. They recommend using it five times a week for the first month for the real results, and then 2-3 times a week to maintain your results- i’ve used mine 4 times a week for these last few weeks and have noticed such a contoured, lifted and rested complexion. Oh, and my make-up always looks amazing after using the NEWA which is one of my favorites added bonuses. I’m going to continue using it because like I said earlier, at 25, it’s never to early to start staying youthful right? Something tells me myself in ten years will thank me.

Disclaimer: Device must be plugged in to be actively used.

Photography by Jonathan Bar

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