In the white sunshine

For a lot of years now, i've been very anti-foundation, and am generally a concealer where-I-need-it kind of girl. After many years of unfavorable cake-y foundation mishaps, I've grown comfortable in allowing my dark circles to show and my occasional red cheeks and sporadic freckles be a part of my day to day look. To me it's become all about the healthy glow of moisturized skin, and the youthful appearance of minor imperfections that make my skin unique. I recently got re-inspired to give face makeup another go when I came encounter with Armani's power fabric foundation. Right when you apply, it blends in with your skin and creates an invisible finish that feels like skincare to the touch, but manages to slightly refine your skin in such a breathtaking way. It's said to be a full coverage foundation, so I choose to use a very small amount mixed with either a face oil or my moisturizer to keep it extra light like I like it.  What makes me happiest is after applying I can still see the soft warmth from my freckles, and the different natural shades and undertones of my own, real skin. Im going to use a great deal of this during the summer considering that on top of all of the greatness I mentioned, it's got a nice hint of SPF and stays completly in place all day while basking in the white sunshine.

Photos by Jonathan Bar

Featuring Armani Beauty power fabric foundation in 5.5