Finding the solution: My 21 days to glow with Panacea

Good skin and good days start on purpose; an honest truth that Korean skin care brand Panacea stands for. Everything you begin and accomplish in life starts with intention, down to the glow of your skin and its overall health. I first became familiar with Panacea back in December of 2017, shortly after it's launch earlier that year. I loved their motto and their message, of intention and routine equals results and good habits. I participated in their 21 day challenge (#panacea21), which consisted of using their three products, a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF, every day as a fresh start and a way to reset my skin. It's interesting because as an avid beauty product junkie, I've often used up to 10 products and brands on my face in one day alone. The industry has taught us consumers that many steps, brands and formulas equals skin success. Not necessarily true, I learned quickly. The fun part about using Panacea exclusively was actually using one brand's entire line at once which was something I've never done. I was curious if there really is something to be said about a single brands ingredients working together in perfect harmony. During and after those 21 days, my skin glowed brighter than ever, the mild rosacea and inflammation that lived on my cheeks fully at bay. Makeup remover became an unnecessary step in my routine, as the unbeatable cleanser does that job without stripping my skin of natural oils and instead plumps my skin with hyaluronic acid and other beneficial antioxidant ingredients. The moisturizer is lightweight but keeps me dewy and balanced without the oily afternoon t-zone problems I often face. I admit that for the first time in my 24 years, I didn't hate the concept of SPF as an extra step and finally accepted it in to my routine. I loved knowing I was protecting my skin with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and as someone who freckles easily in sun exposure, my skin tone became far more even and less discolored. Oh and did I mention, the line is cruelty, paraben, and sulfate-free?

The second I met Panacea, I didn't want look back. Since December, my skin has had little to no flare ups in terms of acne, and I haven't experienced any real inflammation issues like rosacea flare ups or the classic case of dull, lifeless skin. My boyfriend Jonathan one day asked me about Panacea, as he noticed I had the lineup of the products proudly displayed on my bathroom vanity. He was drawn to the simplicity of the packaging, which doesn't only cater to a female audience like most beauty brands, but men too. I've spent countless nights trying to get him to get on board with my beauty routines, and for once he didn't hesitate at a product line. He always had issues with pore size and finding a line that worked for him that didn't smell too floral and feminine on top of it was a challenge. Of course, the concept of a skincare budget was something he didn't know he needed to have till now, but Panacea doesn't break the bank. After immediate results and a reduction of oil and pore size, he's got the line proudly displayed on his far more masculine (but clearly not that different) bathroom sink. I'm also impressed with his new found dedication to a skincare routine and daily SPF no matter what, like me.

Finding this balance with Panacea has been incredible. As my job often consists of trying multiple brands and products, I can't stray too far from that balance and glow I get from Panacea. Whatever your skin needs, Panacea can be the solution. The definition of the word panacea really IS a solution or remedy, and it makes perfect sense. Good skin doesn't have to be complex, expensive, or take more than 5 minutes, that's my promise, and Panacea's promise to you.

Featuring Panacea's three step essentials kit including cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF.

Photography by Jonathan Bar