As much as I love beauty products and trying new things, I've always been a little nervous about lipstick. As much as I love a good red lip, I feel I always look better with a softer, almost non existent shade or just none at all. When It's hot out in the summer, though, I have this urge to experiment with lip colors versus eye, as I find mascara and shadow melts off me as the temps rise. In my seemingly endless beauty collection, there Is only a tiny corner In my vanity drawer for the few lipstick shades I own, and even so, those rarely see the light of day. But, believe it or not, I officially found a lip shade that not only has been on me almost every day this summer, but I have every intention of breaking It out of the drawer endlessly...and that is Glossier Generation G's in leo. The word I'd use to describe this shade Is warm.  It reminds me of summer, of chocolate ice cream, hot sunsets, even my own freckles. I've always found that brownish shades work best on my skin tone and natural coloring, and my favorite I've found so far has to be this very one. I love how Glossier made these lip colors less like regular lipstick, and more like a diffused smudge of soft pigment, that somehow still looks like my actual lip shade is still there underneath. 

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring Glossier Generation G