Like I always say, if you see something that has your name all over it and you can see your self in for the rest of your life, there is no price on that.

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Jonathan BarComment

Sometimes, I find it can also take about 30 seconds to fall in love with a stand out piece. On a sweltering afternoon in the valley, a day I had both no patience and no persistence to look through endless racks of clothes, I walked in to Iguana vintage and the first thing I saw was this embroidered, shinning little bolero with shoulder pads that weren't for the understated.

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They used to say that you're not supposed to match your beauty look to your outfit. After overhearing ages of debate whether its "cool" or "not cool", and "how to do it the RIGHT way",  I've never faltered with my obsession in doing so very literally, regardless of rights and wrongs

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I'm a big believer in investing in high quality and high end gems that you'll have forever, versus getting tons of pieces in the fast fashion world. But every time I find myself scrolling the new arrivals page on Zara, or strolling through a store, I always find someone that really is worth getting. I find that a place like Zara is perfect for trying out trends that are a little bit out of the comfort zone

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