There is something about sequins that has gotten my attention as of late. When I think about my personal experience with high shine clothing, I'd have to admit I don't have a whole lot in my adulthood...if anything, my most recent memory is sequined princess dresses as a toddler. How are sequins so wearable on a day to day basis, as an adult, I ask myself. The idea that they feel somewhat costume, or overly extravagant, limited their wearability in my head so I steered clear for quite some time. I finally broke out of my comfort zone, and fell in love with sequins for the fact that they can be so extravagant. What's so wrong with being eye-catching from time to time? You can dress sequins up even further, or down for more casual wear. There are no rules, it's only limited to your comfort zone, but who needs that? The thing that's somehow most special about sequins is simply is the fact that there is a certain level of confidence that one must posses to wear them, because without a doubt you will attract the most attention in the room. And to be that confident, and un-phased, is oftentimes what fashion is really all about.

Photos By Jonathan bar

Featuring Iro Paris