Occasionally I get in a little rut with my regular fashion habits. Should I be more adventurous, try new things? Should I make more of a statement with what I wear, and how so? To me, I've always felt fashion was about keeping it flattering ,classic, cool, while obviously being at least a little exciting and mysterious. So sometimes, I have a hard time finding tons of new things that interest me and work with my taste. I've been wanting to be inspired again in terms of clothing shopping. I sometimes feel like I'm always reaching for the same things because I know it's what works. I recently came across Frilly, a made to order custom clothing site. With no clothing design background thus far on my part, I never thought I'd be able to say, that I (almost entirely) designed what I am wearing. With a template given to you to get your creative juices flowing, you can customize the pieces however you desire when it comes down to trimmings, fabric, shape, cut, color, etc. To make a top exactly how I wanted, and a jacket that is cropped just right, I feel like it's silly NOT to design your clothing exactly how you want, and just like that I'm hooked on the concept. Talk about re-inspiring.

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring custom top and jacket by Frilly, Jewelry by Bagatiba