As you may know, I always was drawn to dresses as the express-way to a full look with little effort. Things have changed as of late, where a suit set is what I find myself turning to to get a look that feels pulled together in a way thats different and less expected as a dressed up look. Lately I must admit that Zara has had an endless supply of REALLY good suits. And I mean really really good. Skinny suits, masculine suits, you name it. This is my third suit that i’ve purchased from there (first one here!) and got tailored to perfection, and the way you know its a good find is when people have no idea that its not high end when you tell them where you got it. The times I’ve worn this I’ve paired it with more unique pieces or designer items to give it some extra personalized flair. In a nutshell: fall, I’m so happy you’re finally here so I can live in these suits.

Featuring suit by Zara, vintage top, Gucci belt, shoes by Zara.

Photography by Jonathan Bar