Art comes in so many forms. In a painting, in lyrics of a song, in nature's small details, in fashion down to a pair of earrings or a perfected gown silhouette. I feel if you look close enough, you can find the most beautiful art in almost everything. Ever since I was quite young, I had a fixation on Paris, and specifically the Palace of VersaillesThe vast history that took place at the palace was one thing in itself, but on top of all the history i've learned, just looking at the art put into everything from gates and walls and the gardens stuns me. I finally got to step foot within the beauty that is the Palace of Versailles on my recent trip to Paris. Never have I seen so much beauty and creation in one place, and It's amazing that it's been so well preserved that after all the years, it still looks close to what it must have on day one of it's existence. It felt crazy to be somewhere like this in these modern times, I wished so bad I could stay forever and never re-enter the real world.

Photography by Jonathan Bar at the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France. 

Featuring Are you Am I, Zara, Saint Laurent