Something new that has drawn my attention as of late is sleeves. Im not talking about your regular attached to your shirt sleeves...I'm talking detached sleeves as an accessory in themselves. I got a hold of these on a whim from Asos, and I took the plunge and bought about 4 pairs without every experimenting with them before hand. Something about them drew me in. A little bit Victorian Era- esque, a little bit modern and unheard of. They reminded me of knee socks but for your arms, which, I guess that sums up exactly what they are. They take something strapless and make it far more fashion forward, especially when you can match the sleeves to the top seamlessly (literally!). Total game changer. 

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring sleeves by Asos, Adidas track pant , Forever 21 body suit , Zara platform shoes, Wolford Fishnet tights