Last time we talked vintage, I was still working on building my collection of staples from the past. Since day one here, I've been telling you stories of my admittedly unskillful attempts to vintage shop like a pro for the first time in ages, and then updating you about how i've finally found wearable, classic gems that are so me. So, I admit, I've been getting pretty good at the world of vintage shopping. I know, for someone in fashion I should have already been a super pro. I'm just keeping it real. Or maybe, what i've really learned is all about patience and persistence when you walk in a massive vintage store.

Sometimes, though, I find it can also take about 30 seconds to fall in love with a stand out piece. On a sweltering afternoon in the valley, a day I had both no patience and no persistence to look through endless racks of clothes, I walked in to Iguana vintage and the first thing I saw was this embroidered, shinning little bolero with shoulder pads that weren't for the understated.

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring Vintage bolero from Iguana Vintage