Sportier fashion has always been a little against my true taste. I often have had a hard time believing in a get-up you'd wear when breaking a sweat as a fashion statement. To me, it's barely a fine line, but more so each on opposite ends of the clothing spectrum. But, since I am all about trying new things these days and breaking out of my comfort zone- I've been a good sport about working in athleisure into my personal style. I feel like my first and most recent venture with sportier looks was investing in some of Adidas originals, which I've found wearing the classic track pant to be a new favorite of essentially every week. Since my new found love for Adidas has taken over, I couldn't help but grab the new fleece track jacket, which outside of the track suits is my favorite thing that Adidas has done because of it's versatile nature. It's something you can so easily dress up as much as you can dress it way down to your workout look, and I've managed to do both without fail. Don't forget- It's important that regardless of athleisure-wear being a comfier option, to never allow it as an excuse to look lazy or TOO dressed down, as it shouldn't be anything more but an excuse to make yourself look as put together as possible.

Photography By Jonathan Bar

Featuring Adidas jacket, bag by Zara