For most women, It can take a lot of trial and error when getting ready to go out for the evening. I for one generally like to be ready In a very short amount of time, but some nights are even more special than your average and you want to make an impression and pull out all the stops. Thats where I found myself here on this very night. I was heading out to the theatre in NYC, so my goal was to be pulled together and comfortable at the same time. Sometimes It can be hard to be both. So, naturally I found myself changing clothes far too many times and loitering around trying to get inspired for my look. For me on this very night, I found that jewelry was always the constant. I can't think of one thing more special and elegant than ears dripping in diamonds, gold, sapphires, and hands decked out with the same sparkle.  As many times as I changed my makeup, my blouse, and even my handbag- I found that Bowen jewelry was always there, and so that's what I wore the most of.

Photography By Jonathan Bar in Lower East Side, NYC

Featuring Bowen Jewelry