Hi readers, welcome to my crib.

Moving to a new home is well known to be an insanely hectic and exhausting time period, and boy was it. Jonathan and I wasted not a minute settling in and decorating since our move in ten days ago. Within minutes of arriving to our home with boxes galore, we didn't sleep or sit down for more than a moment till the home was in some sort of live-able (and cute) order we both could agree on. Moving to a loft can be tricky and intimidating in terms of choosing the best possible layout, decorating, creating some sort of separation without walls and rooms, and of course maximizing the space- but once you get it, you're golden. My last apartment I lived in alone was smaller, but had rooms, yet moving into a loft with (aprx) 900 square feet felt weirdly smaller and way tricker to fit all of our stuff. Living in a loft, you have very little room to "hide" what you have, so almost everything you have you need to love seeing. I spent the month leading up to move in date cleaning out every nook and cranny in my last place. I found that I alone acquired quite a lot of unnecessary stuff in all my years of life.  I donated and sold endless amounts of clothes, furniture, kitchen supplies that never got used, and even extra beauty products which were the hardest to part with. By move in day, I rolled up to the new home with just the basics- my can't-live-without favorite clothes, shoes, endless books, art, and of course still tons of beauty products. Oh, and in terms of furniture- just my marble vanity set up and coffee table. Jonathan was well equipped with some really lovely furniture, but not a lot of books and small decorative items- I was the opposite, so I'd say that made us a pretty good move in ready match.

By day 4, exhausted beyond belief... our home was honestly 99.9 percent done. No boxes left in sight, essentially everything in place the way we loved it. I had no idea two people could fully settle in to a new place that fast, and i'm still in pure disbelief. But what a little drive and determination can do to make a house truly feel like home is amazing, I gotta say. The last home I lived in never quite felt like me- so moving in here I was so excited for it's potential and a fresh start.

There is always still room to make changes, and I'm sure we wont stop trying new little decorative set ups here. But for now, heres a nice little preveiw of the first home I can honestly say REALLY feels like what I'd call home.

Featuring KES NYC coat, Orseund Iris top,  Zara bag, Re/done Levis, Gucci loafers, Sasha Samuel locket, Bagatiba hoops.

Photography by Jonathan Bar