I've been spending a lot of my afternoons in East LA as of late, which in many ways feels like a whole different world then i'm used to in Hollywood, just a short freeway drive away. There is a different, somewhat more vibrant energy here that I cant exactly put my finger on, but It's been quite intriguing to me. Whether its the colors of the wall art, the fruit stands on every corner, or the tight-knit community, It's managed to lure me in. It's been quite hot in LA lately so i've spent most of my time in crop tops and skirts hunting down anywhere with the best AC. I've never been too adventurous with prints in my wardrobe, but I just may have subliminally got inspired to get this look from the vibrant colors of this city that I catch sight of on a regular basis. If there is a more summery outfit, do let me know, but I think I found it here. Oh, and If you're wondering why the heavy fur in this heatwave, summertime is the best time to get amazing vintage furs for a far better price, and I cant help but play dress up and fantasize about my fall wardrobe. 

Photos by Jonathan Bar

Featuring For Love and Lemons "Limonada set"