I've always been a 90's girl, but thats not to say it hasn't been fun for me to fantasize about the magic of the 70's and 80's. I swear those decades must have been filled with more high shine and neon light then any present day scenario can recreate, but who's to say I can't try. As much as I wish I could live a day in the disco era from time to time, I feel as close as possible wearing a little piece of history, in a way, in the form of this vintage inspired chainmail top. I've always heard the statement You want to wear the clothes, not have the clothes wear you, but this time it's an exception to that rule. When you wear a top this stand out, in a way it created who I was for the evening and I gladly obliged. 

Featuring Kikiriki chainmail top and Laura Lombardi earrings

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Film shot by Jonathan bar and edited by August Hausman