Lately I’ve been on the hunt for brands and specific designers that truly speak to me, and I’ve found on my journey that I'm almost too picky and selective with what draws my attention. I like vintage inspired glamour, but not too stuffy and old school. I like sexy, but not over the top. I like lots of fabric, but i’m happy when skin can show. I like big sleeves and unique shapes, but for it to flatter the female form regardless of these things. I like a touch of humor and wit, too. Two new brands on my radar that manage to check all the boxes: Walk of Shame, and jewelry designer Jiwinaia. I’m always drawn to things that you can glance at and see one thing, and look again and it tells another story entirely.

Featuring Walk of Shame RTW F/W 2018 dress & gloves, Jiwinaia earrings, Dr. Marten boots.

Photography by Jonathan Bar