It's important to occasionally fall in love with/get your hands on a piece that is unlike any other you've laid eyes on. Try to tell me you have seen a tank top like this before. If you have, Im curious what I've been missing. One of my favorite brands, Orseund Iris , Is a line that I've lusted after for quite a minute and up till recently haven't had one piece of in my closet. I can promise you It's not because I haven't loved every thing to come out of the line, but because I couldn't choose. This is a top that says so much with just a touch of obvious detail. I wouldn't say I feel over exposed,  but I also wouldn't say it's modest. It falls in the middle, It's bold, but it's also strangely elegant. Maybe I feel just a little overexposed, I'll admit, but only In the best way.

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring Orseund Iris