The other day, I took to Rodeo drive for some window shopping. Naturally I like to observe what's happening each season as a whole by taking mental notes on what I see over and over again In each window. I couldn't help but notice that nearly every storefront window was filled with the same thing- a full on statement print. Not just that, but print on print, head to toe prints, printed shoes and embroidery. I feel like for so long, myself and others have shied away from the big and bold prints...but now they're everywhere, and I have to give credit to Alessandro Michele at Gucci for what I'd say Is the start of the bold print on print movement. One of my favorite things that he's brought back is the tailored printed suit. I've always said that my first high end suit purchase would be a solid color, but is it possible that I'll one day be investing in a printed Gucci suit first and foremost? Stay tuned...

Photography by Jonathan Bar

Featuring Zara floral pieces, track pants by Adidas, shoes by Prada.