I have a confession to make- before this day, I haven't been vintage shopping in ages. I know it's crazy, because there are so many amazing classic finds out there, and if you read my last feature you know I love to keep it timeless. Lately I've been so inspired by brands like Gucci and Miu Miu, for taking the old fashioned look and in many ways reinventing it as this new bright and shiny thing that's never been seen, even though it has in one form or another time and time again. The beauty I rediscovered about vintage shopping, especially for dresses and gowns, is that anywhere from Thirty to two-hundred dollars, you can essentially get a look that not only looks like Gucci Fall '17, but was more so what inspired Gucci themselves. It feels good to be somewhere in between, and thats what I strived for here. And clearly, I couldn't help but go full on Gucci girl by pairing it with the more than obvious belt choice.

Next week, I will be sharing with you my Miu Miu inspired vintage look.

Photos by Jonathan Bar

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