Theres been many times in my life where i've tried so hard to steer clear of overloading my wardrobe in Zara. I'm a big believer in investing in high quality and high end gems that you'll have forever, versus getting tons of pieces in the fast fashion world. But every time I find myself scrolling the new arrivals page on Zara, or strolling through a store, I always find someone that really is worth getting. I find that a place like Zara is perfect for trying out trends that are a little bit out of the comfort zone. For me, platform shoes aren't an every day option. Would I buy high end ones? Not sure yet, but, I'm about to buy three more pairs of similar Zara ones to these that I got there.  I found the greatest purpose for Zara shopping for me, and that Is trying out trends as a test run. New rule- If you wear the Zara version on the reg, don't feel so guilty about splurging on the real thing in the very near future. That being said, if you see me rocking Stella McCartney platforms soon, you'll know I got a good wear out of these guys.

Photography By Jonathan Bar

Featuring Orseund Iris top, Zara coat , Wolford Fishnets, Zara Joggers and shoes.