"I grew up in Malibu and moved to a cozy, little spot in Hollywood a few years back. I admit I absolutely am that LA cliché—juice-drinking, SoulCycle-ing, lounging at insanely beautiful coffee shops and strolling around Melrose Place while window shopping and lusting after everything Violet Grey has to offer. The lifestyle is as relaxed as people say, but I find so much inspiration everywhere here. LA helped me figure out exactly what I want to do, which is be an editor at a fashion magazine. This year, I started my own site called In Rainbows Mag, a blog characterized by a style I felt was missing in fashion and beauty. My goal is to make the art and culture section a cool platform for artists who deserve some serious spotlight. Now, back to LA, my favorite place ever. I want to share a few of my favorite LA spots not only to get to know me better, but for an idea about places you can't miss, if you only have a couple days here, or even a lifetime."

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ouai madison chertow
Ouai madison chertow